tonite, Tues November 11, Williamburg, I’ll be joining residente Geko Jones @ the new QUE BAJO party. Cumbia fans come through!

QBajo RuptQBajo RuptQBajo Rupt

I’ll be playing exclusively cumbia colombiana and cumbia sonidera (read: no crunk cumbia, no mashups, etc). Just that sweet slow shuffle.

I’ve been digging deep into sonidera lately, finding a lot of El Hijo de la Cumbia production on CDs floating around the Mexican sonidera scene in Brooklyn shops. They never list the producers, but his style stands out. Here’s one I found last week. Vox by La Contra.

Says El Hijo: “de donde lo conseguistes ? jajajaa ya ni me acordaba de el .. ”


La Contra – Cumbia de la Contra (prod. El Hijo de la Cumbia)

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  1. I was there and you were really hooking it up. I’ve been looking for Cumbia to get the last 3 days. I ask the Mexican dudes that work at the bodegas around my way where they get their stuff (they bump it all day long as they work) and they always just say “Mexico.”

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