Shehab, either uptown or in Cairo, has a music blog ! nice layout.
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a friend was visiting some record shops in Texas — digging for crunk cumbia on my behalf. the main place had closed, and a few others turned up empty.

i’m a bit worried. maybe the culture was too viral. You do need some original loops to enter every now and again to keep things bouncing. [try this ZIP for dozens of reggae-soundclash fx lil jon airhorn type samples.] but the AV8-style booty cumbia edits? Perhaps the iterations of iterations of iterations (of accordion loops) went dry. drought…


time 2 offer a sacrifice 2 da krunk kumbia godz:

Lucky Cumbia mix excerpt


3 thoughts on “SEQUIA CUMBIAMBERA?”

  1. this guy used the terms “ritual grime” and “mythstep” which i thought you might get a kick out of… i didn’t troll his site, but i found it while searching for “conscious grime”… no luck there.

    i have some skepta tracks with a good message, one devlin track (sans homophobia) and the odd flowdan or trim verse that i feel… love the sound, can’t really get down with too much of the words. feel the same way with slack dancehall.

    always looking for more. instrumental music is so much easier to be satisfied with for me, but great vocals make hot music perfect. did you hear the trim/turbulence/radioclit track on this post yet? smokin’. i couldn’t even begin to genre that track… genre-bending, post-post shit, for sheezy.

  2. oops… it’s me above, and that should read “didn’t troll through his site”, not “didn’t troll his site”…they’re both true, just very different meanings. what i’m saying is i’m not sure how good his site is. just thought you’d like the genre-terms…

    any great bassline/4×4 come your way recently? starving for that shit. the DJ Undecided june mix is the last i’ve heard and that was just o.k. i’m looking for a more rugged/political strain of the luscious, synthy stuff.

  3. I just opened this in one window and then in another by accident about twenty seconds later. Together sounds sublime!!

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