2 weeks ago we learned that the program that was bringing my band Nettle to the U.S. next March was cancelled – terminated – due to financial crisis. ‘It’s no small irony that a program inspired by 9/11 as a way to (re)connect with the wider world now finds itself without support thanks, if indirectly, to the disastrous policies of the Bush administration.’

It was quite a blow, especially as we needed something like this to make a US trip possible; people with Arabic writing on their passports are having a worse time than ever entering America, even with serious visa sponsorship.

This unpleasant notice gives us renewed determination to put the album out during the week when we should have been doing shows in America, Abdel & Khalid’s (& Wren’s) first time there. Strangely enough, the cancellation gives a new heft to it’s working title: In The Heart of the Heart of the Country . Plus, at some core level, it’s music about friction, at least to me.

THE GOOD NEWS is that i just confirmed a Rupture South American tour for late November/early December. Events in Bolivia (La Paz, El Alto) and Lima, Peru. Details TBA.


[Joaquín Torres-García]

elsewhere on the continent, Rukula directed me to a full-length, embeddable version of the Musquito animation, thanks!


  1. Y México que, rupture? Está bien cerquita! Ven al norte de México porfavor, pura cumbia vallenata rebajaa.

  2. Oiga – Sonido Martines y yo queremos hacer una gira EN MEXICO en Ene/Feb. Nos ayudas? venga! (es mucho menos caro ir NYC-DF que llegar alli desde Lima o Boliva..)

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