a new piece of mine on rai, in The National. Yalla!

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and another in n+1. about… how the international DJ thing works? The article isn’t online. Issue launch party in Brooklyn tonite.

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Mode Raw of Bigger Judgement put together an incredible two volume comp, Gaza Lords. Which melts my brains. Lots of Jamaican heat, Di Genius shivering everyone’s spine. I’ll write it up proper in one of those ‘best of MMVIII’ lists, until now, if you harbor a soft spot for gangsta synthetics:

[audio:01_back-rhyno_-_Mek di Paypa.mp3]

Blak Ryno – Mek Di Paypa


6 thoughts on “RAI HEAT, GAZA LORDS”

  1. the comp is deep, the bitrates are low.. zshare away! my question is how to finanically support new Jamaican tunes when it’s so hard to buy them now that vinyl production has pretty much tanked.

  2. loved the rai article. beautifully written. particularly the more correct description of world music. turning cultural and sonic friction into useful heat. best worss i have read in some time and ir describes my experiences in chateau rouge in paris.

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