My new mix CD, Porque Soy Sonidero Y Voy A Muchos Lugares (made for this last tour) is now available exclusively at Turntable Lab. An hourlong blend of now-thing summer bump.


DJ Rupture – Porque Soy Sonidero excerpt (Shinehead riffing on Sting into a brand-new DJ Lengua refix)

I’ll have copies with me at live shows as well. Live shows? Like this one.

fiesta soot sept 13

8 thoughts on “PORQUE SOY SONIDERO”

  1. ahh, there’s another reggae police version… still like that junior reid synchronicity… deep track, both versions. the mix sounds dope…

    need to buy me some dutty flavor soon… don’t spend much $ on music (don’t spend much $ period, but…) but should i wait for the new maga bo? choices, choices…

  2. yeah, the party flyer is based on Bo’s artwork– EricSchockmel.net

    i cut it up a bit, but the images & whatnot are all Eric, GREAT WORK. cd has big foldout, all these crazy images, its lovely

  3. would realy love to order the mix but not willing 2 pay 10 $ + 22,78 $ for shipping to Austria
    thats a massive rip-off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ya should really consider a download-option
    as mentioned, im willing to pay, but not that much…..


  4. So is the Lab gonna get more copies? I go on vacation one week and miss all the action…

  5. jaja me gusta esa serie de dibujos, son muy buenos. Quiero escuchar el mix, se puede bajar de alguna parte?, abrazo


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