6 thoughts on “NAME THAT TUNE”

  1. please…release the secret. that is beautiful and i need to know how to get more!

  2. sounds like animal collective/panda bear, if not that, sunburned hand of the man, no neck blues band or on a longshot: dufus…

    just guessing. i like a little of all of that. sounds like stuff my friends played at tonic in years past. freak folk? i’ll take donovan!

  3. ever gonna tell us?

    and word on powell’s above… what a store… could have stayed for days. 4 dollar used sufi books, 8 dollar re:search books. my l’ard.

  4. i thought i posted a followup.. its Mexican folk from Chiapas! a cassette rip. amazing stuff, i’ll repost or something soon

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