I just finished editing 7,000-8,000 words strung across two articles – wait, I only handed in one of them, I have 5,000 words to go. Sigh.

But some stuff needs addressing:

1. a lot of people (read: less than 12) have taken my music and made videos. Here’s the latest, made by kids in Guatamela doing an animation workshop! It’s one of my favorites, for its sweetness.

Menos Basura! Compadres, aquí van algunos ejercicios que hemos preparado con la muchá en el taller de animacion. Seguimos con ello hasta final de septiembre. Practicando, jugando, avanzando. La musiquita es del colega Dj Rupture.

2. the mp3-player that UMemeCompetitor and a few others asked about. It feels like product endorsement, but let’s go. I currently use the Meizu Dane-Elec 4GB thingy. Here’s what I needed in a portable mp3 player:

  • the ability to play MP3s, WAV/AIFFs, and FLACs. FLAC = lossless compression. FLAC files are about half the size of full-audio (mp3s are roughly a tenth) and support metadata (WAVs/AIFFs dont)
  • an FM tuner that can also record. This is critical I think iPods/iTouch without FM tuners are pathetic, possibly immoral. Radio! as public space!
  • charging + transfering data via USB cable. I don’t deal with stupid proprietary plugs.

the tiny, thin Meizu does all that. It costs around $80 for a 4GB version with a big video screen. It has its wonky elements (namely taking minutes to rebuild library after you add new songs), but it does all the above inexpensively. Few other mp3 players do (if you know of alternatives, tell us in the comments). The Meizu is almost too small – these are earbuds, you can get an idea of its size:


& while we’re at it, I use free windows app Foobar2000 to play back audio files. Foobar can natively rip FLACs & mp3s. Its most unexpectedly useful component is the ability to play songs inside ZIP & RAR files.

I’m a nerd, but you’re reading this: you are too. It’s ok.

3. T-Pain vs the Vocoder!!!! (autotune as robot consciousness?)

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12 thoughts on “MEIZU”

  1. I’ve been meaning to ask – any chance at this point to buy a copy of the “Porque Soy Sonidero” mix? I would have loved to catch your SF show at Surya Dub, but it didn’t work out (knew I would be up all night driving the following night), and I seem to have blown the chance to get it from Turntable Lab. Just got Uproot yesterday – very nice!

  2. I’ve read some good things about the Meizu player before. Next time my current device stops working, I may have to try one out.

    Also, I’ve been using foobar2000 for a few years. It’s easily the best!

    Looking forward to hearing the new album soon.

  3. I like the Cowon iAudio players… does everything you list as crucial, shows up as a flash drive (so no need for proprietary iTunes type software/library rebuilding), has a line in, can read .txt files on it (good for mix tracklists), excellent sound quality, battery lasts ages. Works for me!

  4. Ack, sorry to pose questions about that mix and not even mention your topic. I second the value of the Cowon players. I’ve had a flash player of theirs for 3 years now, still ticking. Does what you ask for (though mine is pre-FLAC, does OGG), and also has a built-in mic. The FM reception on mine has been lethargic, but maybe they’ve improved on that – it’s an old 1MB iAudio G3.

  5. wow – thanks for the heads-up on that budget-priced mp3 player. I’ve been using an iRiver that cost me $30, but it doesn’t store nearly as much, can’t display video, and doesn’t get any charge from its USB connection (while shutting down during file transfer if the battery life is under 3/3 bars – ?!).

  6. aaaah yeah good work on linking to the artcion project in guatemala – i was working in this project and i can tell you that ´mosquito´became the official anthem to the kids in San Marcos La Laguna after they made this animation, you can go anywhere and here a bunch of kids singing it and beatboxing the rythm from the streets to the mountains.
    you can find more info on the project here – – an amazing place for sure…

  7. `Mosquito’ final cut version by the cambalacha kids:

    Ey i’ve sent your link to the kids in la cambalacha…they will be happy.
    i was working with them in the animation workshop and mosquito was their favorite tune…
    The complete animation is here:

    Zanks for the muzik…

  8. Here’s my testimonial – I have been using Cowon iAudio 7 for about a year now. It’s great! You’ll find all the things you need in an MP3 player (except no AIFFs, FLACs are welcome!), plus more —long-life battery, voice recording… See if you can find it at B&H Photo–not a very pleasant place to shop, but they almost always have what you’re looking for.

  9. Hi Jace, looking forward for your new disc, and Filastine’s too.
    Regarding the Meizu player, all the new versions lack the fm radio!. You can check at their web site, not a word about it. I bought the 8GB version and it doesn’t have a radio, the 4Gb version cannot be found in Europe.

  10. Can anyone suggest an up-to-date alternative? The headphone jack on my 5-year-old ipod just broke – 60 Gb of old music to excavate or abandon.

    Need something cheap, LONG BATTERY LIFE, std USB charge, radio, maybe recording, maybe mini-SD card slot, decent sound. Don’t care about looks, video, flashy bits. Any ideas?

  11. Ajsp — after my Meizu got stolen, I got a SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 2gb. After that one got stolen, i got the 4GB version… it’s tiny, records FM, plays FLAC, WAV, AIFF, charges via regular USB (not all SanDisk mp3 players do), has mini-SD slot. display is tiny but i dont mind. got it at J&R in NYC

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