tomorrow on Mudd Up! radio, tune in for the Eid al-Fitr/Ramadan Special! from breathtaking old recordings of religious music to brand-new celebratory beats from the Muslim world.

upcoming guests in Oct/early November include: banjee bass visionary Kingdom


[Kingdom at home in technicolor]

and the amazing & engaged artist Paul Chan. Check this NYT article on Paul & ‘Waiting For Godot in New Orleans’ for background.

Zeitgeist, people. It’s our age – we may as well haunt it.


[Paul Chan, from]

and funk carioca MPC wizard Cabide DJ, straight from Rio to do a live sampling/baile funk mayhem set. Seems like his homemade ‘fire sampler’ won’t be allowed in the station. Or the country:

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  1. yes, every show of mine on WFMU is available as a podcast that goes out the week after the show first airs, sometimes with some editing necessary for RIAA issues. also its streaming:


  2. awsome, i have been subscribed to it for a bit but didn’t know the time frame for new shows gettin up. Look forward to jamming this one!

  3. if the podcast is ever late or messed-up, let us know in the comments… Things Happen…

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