british brown/white/black grime & b plus Mr. Beats’ string quartets made of plastic. Cool? Ice cold.

lauren mason

Lauren Mason – Hold Me (prod. by Bless Beats)


Wiley – Spirit in the Beat ft. Flowdan & Bless Beats (prod. by Bless Beats)

the first tune is on Bless Beats’ new mixtape, Hard Days Graft. The 2nd is on both Wiley’s new mixtape, Umbrella vol. 1, and the Bless Beats one. Avalanche Music Hut is Wiley’s new online shop, btw.

umbrella 1

2 thoughts on “ESKIMO ICE”

  1. This is not Wiley’s website and he has nothing to do with the business behind it, that was a rumor that Wiley recently cleared up, by The Way, i would never in my right mind ever shop with them again, after they charged my card again and again, which technically is fraud and never sent my items, i had to eventually report them to trading standards.

  2. that’s terrible — can you point us toward a URL of Wiley clearing it up? how do they have all these wiley exclusive if he’s not involved w/ it?

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