yesterday on the Feb. 20 radio show, Brian of Awesome Tapes From Africa came through (again!) to share an hour’s worth of Thai cassettes from his time there. Lots of nice feedback from this show already. Artwork cover scans.


My artist’s talk/lecture at the Eindhoven Univ. of Technology happens today – 8:30, free, followed by a duo set with Andy Moor on guitar. Andy & I just finished editing our upcoming live CD which will be officially released in a few months, containing some pieces from the previous cd-rs and about 30 minutes of unreleased material from 2007 concerts.

over at Dutty Artz, i encourage you to check out this post on ‘The Craziest Riddim’, which is a story about how Team Shadetek’s “Brooklyn Anthem ft 77Klash & Jah Dan” single has gone viral among NYC teens, with no fewer than 66 youtube vids featuring kids dancing to it!!! The seminal one, by Ambush crew (a boy and a girl dancing in some room, with swordplay), has received more youtube hits than the ‘actual’ video for the song itself. Totally unprecedented & awesome, i’ll try to write more on the song’s fantastic migration. Plus i love how the hive mind re-named the instrumental with that super superlative: craziest.

more in a bit. Computer death has put a kink in my mp3 posting.


  1. Pity, I only just found out (here) about your lecture. Not sure if I’d have been able to make it anyway, but I might have tried…. Ah well. Anyway, what was your lecture about?

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