Miami rapper Pitbull wrote this song nearly 2 years ago, and Castro hasn’t left the planet yet.

Regardless of how you feel about Fidel Castro, Cuba, Guantanamo Bay, totalitarianism, 24-hr supermarkets, “boat people”, neoliberal economic policies, santería, neoconservative economic policies, cigars, Coke vs. Pepsi televisual democracy, and/or crunked up salacious Pitbull, this beat = pure Afro hypen madness and he is spitting political on it.

Nu World Club Syncretics stand up!

Pitbull – Ya Se Acabó


4 thoughts on “EL TIEMPO TUYO YA PASO”

  1. i loveeeeeeee he needs to make more songs about cuba and how che guevara is not a person to be idled that should be spitted on and some more songs talk sh*t about fidel castro

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