Fans of cumbia and other tropical sounds should come to the Bersa Discos party in San Francisco tomorrow (sat.) nite, where i’ll be DJing krunk kumbia heaters alongside Bersa bredren and some of Buenos Aires’ Zizek gang.

ive been chatting a lot about cumbia lately, so i’ll take this moment to say: reggaeton production as lively & creative than ever. here’s a supercharged cover tune, sort of… from a Dominican-German? singing one of the songs labeled inappropriate by Clear Channel post 9/11:

Wilman de Jesus – Walk Like An Egyptian (Pytter mix)

plus, the only neo-whatever WTF clubb jam that’s more now thing than Crookers’ Kid Cudi remix is a new top secret Jah Dan exclusive i will be airing at all available soundsystems, prod. by Matt Shadetek, the only producer i know whose music has gone full viral in NYC black youth culture.

4 thoughts on “TORMENTA TROPICAL”

  1. Well, now that’s just a big burst of fun! How ignorant that Clear Channel list is, by the way — anything with a vaguely foreign/arabic association got lumped together by those corporate weenies.

  2. A few years ago I recall hearing an Egyptian version of “Walk Like…” which was quite fun. Can’t find it now…

    In other recent reggaeton raves, I definitely dig the synth work on this new one by Arcangel, apparently running the airwaves in PR ahora —

    Disfrutarte en SF !

  3. ‘Pengaleng’ by T.O.K. on the Hard Drive riddim bites the tune of ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ also. Why are 80s pop hits so popular in reggae?

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