the creeps. as something that can be given, generosity’s uncanny flavor.

this song – the lyrics and to a lesser extent the music – gives me the creeps. Blurred lines between (human) ownership & desire.

[audio:Policarpio Calles – La Cosita.mp3]

Policarpo Calles – La Cosita

and 2 newer cumbias, popular jams, from a 2004 Vampiros DJ mix “Villero one”


[audio:20 K loco – FLOR DE PIEDRA.mp3]

Flor de Piedra – K loco

[audio:08 Que calor – PIBES CHORROS.mp3]

Pibes Chorros – Que Calor

2 thoughts on “CUMBIA QUICKIE 1-3”

  1. Interesting how some of that Argentine stuff seems to be played a bit behind the beat. Makes it sound really gummy. Super Mer Ka 2 plays like that, too. Also, I think it’s Policarpo Calle.

  2. corrected! thnx i had a feeling the name was wrong – the 3 cd set this is from is filled with misspellings. Super Mercado play “Que Calor” as well

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