a lot of folks have asked about this, so here it is, the tracklist to my Secret Google Cheat Codes mix. the mix is part of Violent Turd’s Shotgun Wedding series, buyable here , stealable everywhere else. (at least we’re honest.) Tracklist assembly assistance from u know who.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains google cheats.


one can find several discs from Buda Musique’s Ethiopiques series, plus Manu Chao’s new album – which happens to be his least interesting – dwnldable here. [via ] Chocoreve (I dream of chocolate).

Mp3 blog as library. Weird little broken libraries. you take the book and dont ever have to give it back.

speaking of Ethiopiques, here’s a track from vol. 17 . I dare you to find a more soulful out-of-tune piano number.

Tlahoun G̬ss̬ss̬ РSethed Seketelat


  1. Love the track listing, not to mention the ads and wherever else the secret google searches lead. Very nice, looks like the future of the internet!

    I recently checked out one of those Ethiopiques cds from a real public library to rip and return (so funny that you mentioned it). And the end result is pretty much the same as if i’d downloaded it…

    Right now what sets many mp3 blogs (not yours, thank you!) apart from libraries is going through ten pages of ads to download a song from zshare 🙁

  2. People should buy those Ethiopiques CDs. 🙁 I’m sure Buda Musique could use the money to put out more! 🙂 Speaking of which, Jace do you know when that Rai collection of theirs is supposed to be coming out?

  3. @lamin or jace, where can i get that soot fall tour cd?

    OH, and i’m SO gonna trackdown that baby blak – push/renaissance 12″

  4. people should buy Buda Musique CDs… not least b/c they’re paying Andy Moor & I to remix one of their artists! funny but true. more on that later… the Soot Fall Tour CD 06 is vanished! it was very limited edition… FWIW most of Filastine’s half was included in the Violent Turd mix.

    & finally, re: Black Blak — i got that at the ‘everything 1 pound’ closing sale of a SoHo london indy-leaning hiphop store 3 years back or so…

  5. not being rude but the tracklist is quite alot of fuss for what I consider to be the weakest rupture mix, am aware it’s supposed to be no-fi or whatever – filly lays it down on his side though

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