The first Iranian national radio program to feature a female vocalist in 27 years happened last month, on the occasion of Elaheh’s death. For this sound – cabaret music, opium music, the ‘provocation’ of a woman’s voice unaccompanied by a male or a choir – has long been illegal in public. Silence is a kind of death but suppression doesn’t equal forgetting & when the right song enters you it will not soon leave.


Elaheh – title unknown, pre Islamic Revolution radio recording

Bani gave me this. She writes:

It’s all from this old program Golha, from before the revolution. The songs are unfortunately not titled, just by singer names… Elaheh was one of the most important.
well, they were all very important…. And very famous. Still are, especially among the older generations and Iranians in the diaspora. But these (women) are the voice of Iran for so many…
Elaheh sadly died just a few weeks ago, and in July Mahasti died… another pillar in this kind of music,
There are few of their generation left, but some of them still give concerts from time to time in LA.
You ask about the lyrics. They are usually amazingly beautiful… and sad. Lost love. Love not reciprocated.

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