Scotty: Ash. It’s not going to let us leave. Cheryl… Cheryl was right,
we’re all gonna die here!

Ash: No, we’re not going to die.

Scotty: We’re all gonna die. All of us!

Subnation – Scotty

following my Droid post, here’s the daddy, an Evil Dead-sampling darkcore d&b classic from 93. Nineteen Ninety Three! Are we old yet?

4 thoughts on “SCOTTY WAS RIGHT”

  1. I went to FWD for the 1st time friday. As I walked in ‘mr kirks nightmare’ was playin. Yeah, some of us are old …

  2. yes…. we are old – for better and for worse. thanks for continuing to provide me with sounds. hope all is well jace!


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