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Reggae vocalist Junior Reid (“Mr One Blood”) teamed up with DJ Power to put out a mixtape which succesfully defends the (mediocre) title: Why I’m Hot. It’s really good, especially the first quarter — street rap thuggery & synth beats coexist with conscious lyrics, sweet vox, etc. “Superstar reggae music singer” according to his MySpace ‘Occupation’ field.

buyable here (itunes). 47 tracks (!), several barely over a minute, several mislabeled, its hard to know where to begin….

Junior Reid – Restraining Order

Benisour ft. Junior Reid – Shining

7 thoughts on “HOT BLOODED”

  1. JR.REID is hot because of his good reggea voice and his also good looking face.HOT IS JR.REID.may the most high JAH BLESS HIM AND HIS MUZIC.

  2. Is JR really a Ghanaian? want to know the history behind his usage of Ghana Flag in most of his video clips.

  3. I don’t think JR is from Ghana…red, gold, and green are Rasta colors. Also, he has the lion of Judah in the background of this cd….

  4. its similar to the afro-american flag, where red represents the blood of out people, green represents our lost homeland of Africa, and Black represents our color. There flag replaces gold with black, I have been told this is to represent the natural wealth of the land in Africa.

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