Power Cut Version + Nikki B – Get High (buyable here)

…and to think that some unfortunate people stil turn to Bob Marley for their weed anthems. The Stephen McGregor riddim voiced here (after the instrumental plays for a minute or so) is about one of the things it tells us it is about: network disruption, knocking out an important signal. The holes left by his cut-up guitars and intricate, rickety beat remind me of Steely & Cleevie’s classic Streetsweeper riddim – both tunes fight for rhythmic space and win, staccato, percussive, in a fullness they tore apart.



2 thoughts on “HI-POWER CUT”

  1. Stevie McGregor is fuckin wicked. Changing the game with a lot of those beats down there. The tempos keeping going up up up.

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