I’m still reeling at all the ongoing attention & linkage to my OiNK piece. Thanks so much for the comments and conversation. I’m happy to announce that it has been translated to Spanish by the Soy Leyenda blog. Quick reading looks good, soon I’ll go over the trans. more carefully and repost here.

Más que ninguna otra cosa en este año, el sitio web de intercambio de música & software, Oink, cambió la manera que tenía de pensar acerca de la industria musical y del intercambio de ficheros. [from Defending the Pig: Spanish translation]

Radio show tonite! I’ll be playing lots of great new material: Tego Calderon, Gorilla Zoe, Hyperdub, new London d-step whitelabels, etc. If you want to put a spring in yr step, check Nick Catchdub’s set from last week, streaming.

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