it’s true: Movado’s elaborate and evil nature makes you look for classical references to describe it adequately, duppy machiavellian. and then there’s the cold stare of power achieved by naming a song ‘Amazing Grace’ and plastering your long haunting void melodies on top of the church notes.

Movado – Amazing Grace

this replaces a popular hymn. it’s the opposite of what you do when you do a cover version.

the Vybz Kartel track on this riddim – Tremor – is hotter but Movado’s is colder.

The other thing is that: real gangstas use vocoders. (vocoded Imazighen rural pop coming soon). Image below from The Fader’s Movado cover story, downloadable.


5 thoughts on “AMAZING GRACE”

  1. movado is phantom of the opera and that riddim is huge. christianity in dancehall is often overlooked. the church heathen video is similarly (melo)dramatic – but with less evil laughter and more gossip in the confessional.

  2. yes! exactly & well-said. plus — from his official myspace-page bio: “It was in the church that Mavado was first given a microphone to sing by his Granny at the age of 4. From then Mavado was a permanent fixture on every church function and rally. “

  3. my cousin michael looks up to you you can sing and makr sure dem no have no type of affect pon you so tell them they ain’t no real mccoy them fe back off and let dem no se you a de one who save the world nobody can come inbetween you so some day hpoefully me can see you and me cousin stay fly bregrin

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