speaking of remix decisions (and burials), here’s a fresh interment from NYC’s Leif.


Burial – Archangel (Leif remix)

Burial remixes must be a kind of cottage industry right now (if u see the Buddha, remixx the Buddha) but I’m drawn to the way Leif attaches a Baltimore-style kick pattern & interweaves new subtleties into the original while keeping the trademark muted clanky feel. Baltimore structure with Burial timbres – so much more interesting than the plain ‘add B-more break’ remix decision! Leif redirects the effete British rave nostalgia-pop (“ambient trance” a friend calls it) of Burial down a sweatier east coast US alley.

The aura of the original remains intact, just displaced. In fact, the remix meshes so closely with the album track that it eats my memory of that ‘first’ version and becomes the definitive one, for me.

speaking of wubstep & What Happens When It Washes Up in Amerika, i’ll be playing NYC’s DubWar on December 21, at this spot called Love that everybody says has the best sound in NYC. Alongside DJ Geko Jones and Jah Dan blessing the mic. We will crush you.


  1. LOL @ “Burial remixes must be a kind of cottage industry right now” I must admit that I also have added (and subtracted) beats to two of the album’s cuts. Can you point us to some other remixes floating around out there?

  2. i say HELL YES to the rupture/geko/jahdan dub war! my contingent will surely roll very deep to that one.

    funkworthy fm party last week was a riot. my vj crew is really hitting our stride. sample reel available real soon.

  3. Funny to hear someone going at a Burial track with a sequencer. What’s so sideways about Burial is that all the hi-fi, field recording sound is actually done with garbage: using a sample editor, in true mid-90’s cut & paste style.
    Listen to how he can’t make it work with a sequencer, check his track on the Box of Dub Vol. 1 comp.

    Wondering when Burial might find a mention on this blog.

  4. i assume that all the talk of burial’s retro production techniques is simply a clever marketing move, just like his ‘anonymousness’… it completes the nostalgia-throwback narrative & enhances the mystique. where or not it is true is besides the point: people want it to be true.
    the only person i know who can really claim that cut&paste oldskool style nowadays is poppa GHIS!!!

  5. true, jc … but check the interviews with him:

    it’s all retro romance, yes, and however suspect that makes this anon, he’s making some sense, in words and sound. And isn’t anonymity & alternate identities a kind of baseline for dance producers & djs? (remembering sitting next to dj scud for an hour or so before realizing it was him)

  6. Poppa Ghis in da house !
    I’m doing nuskool with oldskool production style.
    Ideas are still better than everything 🙂

  7. Hey!!. i will stay in LA on 21st- there is no way for somebody to record the DUBWAR – LOVE djs sets and uploading somewhere!!. come on guys don´t be like FABRIC albums– but i feel that i am missing some really good music now!!

  8. hey hey hey no hate on the ghis p.
    i’m his biggest fan !!!
    dude you melo do tobaco beat was epic -the use of those tones definitely changed my game.

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