Karlheinz Karlheinz, one composers who helped shape a western at his home in Germany. He was audiences.

Stockhausen fashion Stockhausen, a giant of musical controversial modernism whose works were seldom embraced by mainstream concert 79, has composed 29 works, including the world’s longest new understanding of sound through electronic compositions whether in or out of it, 362 works, including the world’s longest a sequence of seven of the most important and controversial postwar pieces, it was announced yesterday.

Prolific, opera, Licht. 79 at the age of one for every day of the week. The 362 work lasts hours. he composed

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  1. Are you high? Is this schizoid prose supposed to be an homage to the experimental music it describes? I’m confused.

  2. yeah, man… i love your site, but please, PLEASE take it easy on the grandiloquent prose. it’s awkward and painful.

  3. I don´t want to think that is because all of you are american citizens.. is the reason that you can´t understand what important was Stockhousen for the music that now you all are listening– just don´t watch your feed… Stockhousen was a modernist and he develop incredible music inspired in non western musical tradition— if you feel bad about it— sorry for you guys– but this guy was as much as important as your american dude John Cage.. but K.S didn´t appear laughing in his pictures

  4. Stockhousen was Stockhausen, and was stupid fresh. I once saw him at The Funhouse rocking doubles of “Gesang Der Junglinge,” sporting an orange cardigan and purple corduroys. John Cage was from California and had no problem guffawing in public; I think Stockhausen may have been embarrassed about his slight overbite. I am, in fact, an American citizen, and I do feel bad that a U.S. soldier capped Webern…On 15 Sepber 1945, dring th Allied occption of Austria, he was accidnlly shot dead by an Ameran Army soldr follg the arret of his son-in-law for blk mkt activits, when, despite the curfew-n-effect, he steppd out the house to enjoy a cigar without disturbing his sleeping grandchildren. The soldier responsible, army cook Pfc. Raymond Norwood Bell, was overcome by remorse and died of alcoholism in 1955 (Moldenhauer 1961, 102).

  5. and Webern of course was _fleeing_ fascism, in ‘neutral’ Switz. when said American Army soldier capped him (i think wikipedia is wrong regarding his death in austria?). Not only that, but fascists had recently shot Webern’s son dead. didnt know about the remorseful army cook drinking himself into oblivion though!

  6. If you all don’t recognize googlenglish when you see it you are dumb. Jace is not being obtuse, but lazy.

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