short version: free North African music at Central Park Summerstage this Saturday Sunday!

new school princes of Moroccan beats, Fnaïre, make what they call ‘traditional rap’. until hearing their new album, Yed El Henna, i couldn’t get with Maghrebi hiphop — it always sounded like behind the times French rap or slightly more behind the times American rap. but Fnaïre is on it. The pan-Moroccan samples & structures sit inside the music in a comfortable way; the sound has become its own thing. Masala blogs em. check ‘Sah Raoui feat. Salah Edin.’ for the most successful gnawa-hiphop fusion tune i’ve ever heard (and it’s a genre i’m suspicious of!)

this tune, i can almost ID the sample/riff they are using. I have this music… somewhere.

Fnaïre – Tagine Loghate feat. Providence



[Fnaïre, myspace foto]

for old-school Moroccan styles, the Orchestre de Tanger is giving a special NYC concert tomorrow. $35, ouch! thankfully, the virtuoso classical Andalusian music ensemble will give a FREE concert this Saturday, as part of the Mediterranean-themed Central Park Summerstage event. Also appearing at that, Hassan Hakmoun, a gnawa fusionist who’ve work i’ve never warmed up to.

Group Picture

[Orchestre de Tanger]

20 thoughts on “MAROC IN MANHATTAN”

  1. I’ve been looking around for Yed El Henna but I can’t find anywhere to purchase it. The few fnaire tracks I’ve heard are awesome!

  2. aaah! my bad. fixed. hope you didnt find out the hard way… although this means i may actually be able to go

  3. we did find out the hard way, unfortunately. there was some german holiday celebration, really weird, lots of hats with feathers and polka bands. was a nice day in the park nonetheless… did you go?

  4. salam fnaire le meilleur groube de maroc et vive wlad marakche jaime tout les music de fnaire

  5. aana buissnees fel denmark
    3omri 13
    ntuma oua3rin walakin khasna an 3aunu palestine/gaza
    men israel oudahramin

  6. fnair sois los mejores y he escuchado el cancion nueva es WHY es xula.
    xaoooooooooooooooooo marrakchen

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