quick reminder that my radio show kicks off TONITE, 7-8pm eastern standard time, with a special live set by Manhattan’s Drop The Lime.

i’ll be playing some of the new Dizzee album and who knows what else.

next week: London producer Shackleton of the Skull Disco label will visit to talk about drum programming, dancing with the dead, sufi Islam as expressed via Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and how everything changed when minimal techno demi-god Ricardo Villalobos offered to remix his epic track about the twin towers.

7 thoughts on “LIME DROPS”

  1. Hey Jace, talking of what you’re up to (tenuous link I know..), are you planning to DJ anywhere in Barcelona over Sonar weekend? I know Nettle are playing, looking forward to that; would be great if you’re dropping tunes somewhere too!

  2. steve- artists who perform at sonar are under contractual obligation *not* to perform in BCN for a few months in either direction. That said, Filastine, Maga Bo, Vex’d, DJ Distance and a whole bunch of other great artists are playing at an independent party/fest around sonartime —

  3. jc- looking fwd to listening to this, is there a way to dl and burn it to bump in the ride- i’m psyched for the new dizzee as i haven’t heard much from it.

    also, two random questions: have you gotten to the erasers or cloud atlas yet? and for someone who’ll be in london for the next month, do you have any can’t-miss recommendations of clubs/concerts/dodgy drinking dens to catch some good music in here?

  4. it’s funny how drop the lime has so rapidly mutated from his uber-splatted, constantly-on-the-brink-of-collapse music into this squelchy grimey techno bloke. when i saw him at sonar some years back his music sounded like it was from the year 2015. now he sounds a bit like he’s caught in a 90s timewarp, with a swedge of grime bass thrown in. no bad thing in my book, though perhaps ease off the drum rolls and cheesy vocals a tad. on the whole that was a badass set from him though!

    nice first instalment. looking forward to shackleton.

  5. yeah not bad, but its time to merge the two. otherwise i can just pull out decade-old dan curtin records and dub in UKG bass and some cheesy vocal samples and have an ‘at home drop the lime construction kit’

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