Maga Bo is in Dakar & Ziguinchor (Senegal) finishing up 2 very intense video shoots (with ALIF and Xuman from Pee Froiss) for his upcoming album on Soot. i’d be excited even if i wasnt, um, executive producing it.

Maga Bo, Filastine, & I will be throwing a Fiesta Soot in NYC on Oct 5 & you are all invited. details on the way…

DJ N-ron & I teamed up to remix Burhan Öçal. , a louche and gifted Turkish musician/bandleader. yeah, AK won the elections, but remember: Turkey’s not really Islamic. Here’s Burhan:


he’s a percussionist.

our rmx is on the Doublemoon Remixed album (from Istanbul’s leading world/jazz label, Doublemoon). Available now on iTunes & wherever one buys CDs marketed as world music.

I also remixed Raz “Badawi” Mesinai, for the Badawi album Unit of Resistance to be released by ROIR late October.

this post is a little me me me, so here’s somebody else. From the debut release on Skream’s 12″ label, Disfigured Dubz. not sure wot 2 call it, but this crusher sure aint dubstep, check it:

Skream – Movin Snares (buyable here, here, etc)



It goes something like this: For her self-titled album, Asena, a megastar Turkish bellydancer with impeccable taste in backing musicians, recorded a version of the self-titled song by French-born Algerian vocalist Warda (وردة).

If I understand correctly, Asena dances along to Warda wearing some combination of halter-top and/or reflective plastic jumpsuit. So perhaps it’s best to simply post the music, which is fiercely good.

Asena – Warda (from Asena)

Elegant and swooning the way only Cairo-centric string arrangements can be. Asena’s darbouka contigent pulls the rhythm in unexpected directions with an efficiency that beggars description while demanding immediacy — a tapping finger, loosened shoulders, limber and unfolding. Epic in under 4 minutes! Spacesuit bikinis fully optional.