I harbor (esoteric?) theories regarding Tunisian music, drum loops, and repetition… But we’ll save those for later. For now, two enormously popular Tunisian songs, sent by Mudd Up! listener Emily months ago.

[audio:https://negrophonic.com/mp3/01- Douga.mp3]


“douga” is an onomatopoeic word for the sound of knocking on the door, so “douga douga douga, hata bab el dar,” means a knocking at the door. then the rest is kinda blurry to me now… he also says “ya rabbi” a lot, the most common tunisian exclamation ever, “oh my god.”

[audio:https://negrophonic.com/mp3/04 5ayna.mp3]

Achref – Khayna

achref! do you know him already? this song “khayna” was always blasting in the popular markets in tunis. I’ve heard it so much it’s gotten to a point where I can’t even judge it as a song anymore. it’s just atmosphere.

KEYWORDS: mezoued, jasmine, autotune



Belgassem Bou Genna is how the person who sent me this music spelled it, although Google suggests that Belgacem Bouguenna is the more popular transliteration in online circles. Yesterday Cex referred to this sort of thing as “unwitting faith in algorithms.” We’re in deep, aren’t we?

Actually, Cex wasn’t necessarily referring to that at all, I’m taking him out of 140-character context. He wrote: “Bieberstretches combine modern music consumer’s unwitting faith in algorithms with his need for arbitrary communal reference point.” For all I know, Cex could be talking about granular synthesis algorithms or search algorithms or both or maybe even neither. Point is, we do believe in – rely on – embrace – algorithmic faith. And that’s an interesting thing to think about.

When Googley machine-filtration shapes facts’ factuality, the retreat into tunnels and bunkers of web 3.0 may bring about a Renaissance of rumor. (Which never goes away but can flourish…). Web 2.0 is so sincere — I don’t trust it at all.

Speaking of Belgassem Bou Genna, my friend in Cairo says: “a friend of mine who met him once said he is the most chill person in the world.” I believe this to be true. His voice is beautiful. Like, Actually Filled With Beauty. He’s a kind of Tunisian Mohammed Rouicha. Belgassem, the most chill person in the world. Let’s go to Tunisia and learn more about this man and his awe-if-not-faith-inspiring music. You get the plane tickets, I’ll bring cranberry almond trail mix for the flight over.


Belgassem Bou Genna – Khatr Takf

Your favorite sweaty Slovenian writer (after Vladimir Bartol) writes: “We believe not less but much more than we imagine we believe. Benjamin was thus indeed prescient in his remark that ‘everything depends on how one believes in one’s belief.'” Indeed!