first up, chaabi, because we miss Barcelona. I’m reading a book with a character named Thomas Lull and I keep thinking it should be Llull. This will make sense if you’ve lived there for awhile. I love the double ‘ll’ in Catalan, words like Llum (light), also a woman’s name. I’ll be playing a 2-hour set at the free SONAR party next Tuesday, will sneak in some Barcelona Maghrebi stuff.

[audio: Laaroussi – Chaabi.mp3]

Abdelhak Laaroussi – ?

Then, eastward. This is the sound of reggada thinking about itself, with hesitation and repetition, probably the way we all think about ourselves. Structurally ripe for DJ use.


Reggada Instrumental

And a less existential reggada song, unselfconscious. From ‘La Nouvelle Génération’, a comp CD I picked up in Bay Ridge (Brooklyn):


Kirat – Mamma



Trim has a new mixtape – buyable

“look I am a thief I am a thief”

Trimski – Thief in the Night (prod. by Radioclit)

looped gnawa guembri bass presented as grime – nice! although the chorus samples shift to the wrong type of Maghreb music, and gnawas probably wouldn’t like the lyrics. the other Radioclit beat on Trim’s mixtape is hot too, crazy minimal, also with arabesque samples.

elsewhere, south south south of London, young boys who dance together dangle a rapper in, just for moment – a nod to the prevailing mashup logic but just a nod, he gets dipped in and out of the regadda music, cut to a toddler by the sea, cut to a car parked in cloud-covered foothills.