I’m still reeling at all the ongoing attention & linkage to my OiNK piece. Thanks so much for the comments and conversation. I’m happy to announce that it has been translated to Spanish by the Soy Leyenda blog. Quick reading looks good, soon I’ll go over the trans. more carefully and repost here.

Más que ninguna otra cosa en este año, el sitio web de intercambio de música & software, Oink, cambió la manera que tenía de pensar acerca de la industria musical y del intercambio de ficheros. [from Defending the Pig: Spanish translation]

Radio show tonite! I’ll be playing lots of great new material: Tego Calderon, Gorilla Zoe, Hyperdub, new London d-step whitelabels, etc. If you want to put a spring in yr step, check Nick Catchdub’s set from last week, streaming.


the main reason I haven’t written about Calle 13 is that (like all rap?) you need to understand what he’s saying to get an idea of what’s going on and why it’s so interesting,… and i don’t have time to translate Residente’s lyrics. In translation you often lose the wordplay as well…

anyhow, Reggaetonica took this time, and the result is a great post (& followup) on La Mala Rodríguez and Calle 13 – some of the most interesting Spanish-language rappers of the Old and New World, respectively.


Awesome Tapes From Africa, a blog specializing in awesome tapes from Africa, shares a summer-speed mixtape of Slow Music from Africa. Thursday Born will guest on my radio show at some point this fall. Strictly cassette style.


Wirewool ups Venetian Snares doing dubstep (or undoing it) with the help of damaged Sabbath vocals.


in today’s simulacral news:

from the NYT, “Chinese Market Awash in Fake Potter Books”:

The iterations of Potter fraud and imitation here are, in fact, so copious they must be peeled back layer by layer.

There are the books, like the phony seventh novel, that masquerade as works written by Ms. Rowling. There are the copies of the genuine items, in both English and Chinese, scanned, reprinted, bound and sold for a fraction of the authorized texts.

As in some other countries, there are the unauthorized translations of real Harry Potter books, as well as books published under the imprint of major Chinese publishing houses, about which the publishers themselves say they have no knowledge. And there are the novels by budding Chinese writers hoping to piggyback on the success of the series — sometimes only to have their fake Potters copied by underground publishers who, naturally, pay them no royalties. …

Some borrow little more than the names of Ms. Rowling’s characters, lifting plots from other well-known authors, like J. R. R. Tolkien, or placing the famously British protagonist in plots lifted from well-known kung-fu epics and introducing new characters from Chinese literary classics like “Journey to the West.”

As to be expected, Howard French’s article misconstrues & somewhat overlooks the magic of all this. From the article title on down, French wrongly locates dozens of Harry Potter fan-novels and bootlegs and re-imaginings ‘in service of’ legality and capital-A authorship (not to mention insinuating that fraud and counterfeiting are Chinese national traits):

“Here, the global Harry Potter publishing phenomenon has mutated into something altogether Chinese: a combination of remarkable imagination and startling industriousness, all placed in the service of counterfeiting, literary fraud and copyright violation.”

this statement is so striking because it reverses the actuality, teleologically speaking. People don’t remix stuff because they like copyright violation! All the illegalities of remix culture are nothing more than incidental by-products (nail clippings from the Dead Author).

A more accurate version would be — Harry Potter novel mutation in China: “a combination of counterfeiting, literary fraud and copyright violation, all placed in the service of remarkable imagination and startling industriousness.” but even that doesn’t fully articulate the unhinged, Baudrillian essence of this…


Raz Mesinai, a friend, is Badawi, and Badawi is Safe. And what is safe?? at least — A gorgeous piece of work released in 2005 given to me by Raz yesterday.

check it

Badawi – Sound On Its Echoing


… and today’s NYT casts a long ink shadow on DJ Drama & the mixtape bizness.*

Samantha Shapiro overviews the territory, like the music industry itself, not wanting to delve too deep into the Kafka element that close examination of this warrants. Although there are moments: “…they were part of an alternative distribution system that the mainstream record industry uses to promote and market hip-hop artists. Drama and Cannon have in recent years been paid by the same companies that paid Kilgo to help arrest them.”

(Kilgo is short for Kilgore Trout.)

* note: to bypass nyt and other ‘registration’ silliness, the bugmenot firefox extension works well. non-firefoxies can use regular bugmenot for the same.


In today’s news, a French rap crew has sampled me with great results. Listen to La Route es Longue. V-System do a wholesale chop on the synth/bass/beat of ‘DJ Rupture- Dem Nuh Know Me’. I’ve been calling the RIAA to see if they can dial-in some sort of long-range missile attack, or at least get a crack team of French Legionnaires to arrest all members of V-System for copyright violation. Bang!

the official unofficial Mudd Up! position on the DJ Drama drama is that a major label executive who couldn’t place his rapper on one of Drama’s Gangsta Grillz mixtapes snitched to the RIAA, using the RIAA’s brute, twitchy unintelligence against itself.

the official Mudd Up! position is that we don’t give a —.* But Free the DJs does, and they look poised to continue examining legal aspects of the Drama drama after mainstream analysis subsides.

* if we want to talk about American legal system injustice, inept RIAA mixtape squads are the least of our worries… and if we want to condemn archaic ideas about intellectual property/copyright, lets hit pharmaceutical patents and generic AIDS drugs etc first…