the plane across the pond showed a movie with Queen Latifah presiding over a matriarchal black beekeeper society (Alicia Keyes wearing a ‘natural’ wig, that successful singing show contestant, etc) and a young white girl escaping from her abusive father. Who made her kneel on rice (symbolic rice?) while he drank beer (symbolic beer?) as punishment for playing in the dirt after bedtime. At this point I assumed the movie was German.

The young white girl has a troubled past which inserts itself into the present via flashbacks. The black women have their laughter, their honey, and the power of music. The editing was clumsy. This is what I understood as I glanced at the screen from time to time with no audio. Also, racism – in a movie theater!

now I’m looking for electricity in the airport.

This song — I’ve heard it sampled but can’t remember where. Maybe you can.

[audio:Synchro Series Synchro System .mp3]

King Sunny Ad̩ РSyncro Series Syncro System

(from, among other places, Rough Guide to Africa & Middle East)