BREAK THE RECORD: free anti-Olympic song by Andy Moor and Anne-James Chaton

Andy plays guitar in The Ex. Anne-James is a sound poet. Together, and sometimes with Carsten Nicolai/Alva Noto, they make incredible music, built around A-J’s insistent/hypnotic voice interacting with Andy’s spiky, agile guitar playing. Today – An Olympic Day! – they release a free single & video called “Break the Record.” GET IT HERE.

As they explain, this piece references “…what has happened to the Games, and the situation of people, the great sportmen and women, and their loving public, in respect to an event bombarded by advertisement, branding, and security arrangements, and how London has come to resemble something close to a city in a state of war.”

French version features Anne-James’ vocals; they enlisted me to voice the English version. Yannis Kryiakides did a minimal video piece as well, both are below-

French version:

English version:


monitor mix main

Two weeks ago Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney asked me to contribute a piece on her NPR blog, Monitor Mix. She was doing a series on ‘End of the Decade’; I looked back across a broad landscape.

You can read my post here: Free Music and the Unbuyable Sublime

It includes the following four sentences:

  • A decade, in music, is a terrifyingly long time.
  • Sounds now move faster than the speed of context.
  • Music confounds value.
  • I want the giants to fall even faster so we can see what weird flowers start blooming in the spaces left vacant.