[El Guincho in his BCN apartment with girlfriend, Fader 54] A feature article I wrote on Spanish musician El Guincho is in the current issue of Fader magazine – look for Aaliyah gracing the cover. It’s downloadable (Fader 54 – PDF, my piece starts on page 57), but I encourage you to seek out the … Continue reading VIVA EL GUINCHO


Maga Bo is in Dakar & Ziguinchor (Senegal) finishing up 2 very intense video shoots (with ALIF and Xuman from Pee Froiss) for his upcoming album on Soot. i’d be excited even if i wasnt, um, executive producing it. Maga Bo, Filastine, & I will be throwing a Fiesta Soot in NYC on Oct 5 … Continue reading SOOTSTYLE