QUIETEST PLACE: Art Assignment Highlights

Back in April I did a video for Sarah Urist Green & John Green’s Art Assignment, PBS Digital’s weekly series where artists devise ‘assignments’ for the viewers to complete. My assignment was: take a stroll until you find the quietest place within walking distance and document it with photo or video, sharing the results on social media via #theartassignment. Amazing documentation poured in from all over the globe.

Ssshhhhh – YOU PEOPLE ARE GREAT. ‘The Quitest Place’ received a record number of responses, several of which are featured in this highlight reel:

And here John riffs on my assignment in an airport for his wildly popular Youtube Vlog Brothers.

“attention has become so fractured on the internet that there is no longer room in YouTube videos for any silence”

One thought on “QUIETEST PLACE: Art Assignment Highlights”

  1. I used to make a point of watching the CBS Sunday Morning programme every week, just to catch the final segment of some wild place shown with its inherent ambient sounds, but no voice over. The segments were far too short, and I always longed for more of the peace they offered. I even wrote to the network once, asking if there was some way to get a set of those beautiful, natural moments, but of course received no reply. It’s lovely to know there are others who feel the same need for solace from the constant cacophony our world presses on us. Thank you. BTW, I found you via ello, and would love an invitation thereto, if such power is yours to share. 🙂

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