[DJ Javier Estrada, courtesy Reuben Torres]

An essay I wrote on “The Aztec imagery and digital soundworld of Mexican producer Javier Estrada” is available in the current issue of Frieze. In it I explore resonances between global genres in the internet age, Atomik Aztex (the novel), Oscar Zeta Acosta, Aztec-inspired notions of cyclical time and our favorite hummingbird god, plus a pragmatic approach to the issue of “aliens” coupled with advice on how to exit the category of speed. Javier’s work is generous, complicated, and inspires these sort of linkages.

You can find the article wherever fine magazines are sold and read it online right here.

Below, two songs that I discuss in the piece. Listen to the voice of Huitzilopochtli…

Los Cadetes de Linares – No Hay Novedad (DJ Javier Estrada remix)

[audio: Javier Estrada – No Hay Novedad – Cadetes de linares (Javier Estrada Remix) .mp3]

DJ Javier Estrada – Pre-Hispanic Moombahton Gods
[audio: Javier Estrada – Pre Hispanic Moombahton Gods .mp3]

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