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Next Thursday, January 13 is World’s Fair Use Day, “an annual, day-long celebration of fair use, creativity and remix culture.” It goes down in Washington D.C. and is free & open to the public [RSVP to guarantee entrance]. I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be giving a keynote speech, and my talk will also involve 3-turntables and a mixer…

The entire day looks to be truly engaging and energizing – peep the schedule. As one friend phrased it, WFUD is “working hard to get actual media makers into a conference that is likely to be attended mostly by policymakers and lobbyists. It could be a great chance to shape the conversation.”

Things kick off with Kevin Driscoll moderating a panel on ‘Fair Use in HipHop Culture’ featuring Das Racist and Larisa Mann (both have been previous guests on Mudd Up! radio: you can listen back to Larisa + Das Racist). Other talks focus on fair use in the visual arts, video games, and more. Including Lolcat meme-godfather Ben Huh, founder of Can I Haz A Cheezeburger! (see lulz below) and ‘real people’ like Maria Pallante, who runs things at the U.S. government’s Copyright Office.

My question for you D.C.ers — what’s the best Ethiopian/Eritrean food in town?


the next day, January 14th, I’ll be DJing at Holocene in Portland. Details soon…

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  1. Dukem on U and 12th is good, most spots in the 1900 block of 9th St can be tasty. Habesha on that block is an interesting restaurant/convenience store combo. Good spot if you want cheap espresso, a bag of injera, or bulk spices and lentils. The prepared food is served on a steam table and is best when fresh.

  2. The best Ethiopian spots are in the suburbs, which is where lots of immigrant communities are located these days since DC has become outrageously expensive… but I recall that Zenebech Injera on T St. and Florida was fantastic.

  3. Dukem is usually mentioned as best in the city… there is a newer place by my house called Ethiopic on 4th and H st. NE (bonus Ethiopian liquor store next door), tasty, but maybe too far off the beaten track. My favorite Ethiopian meal was at Lalibela, which is a bit south of U Street on 14th and P… not too close to metro, so the clientele is largely East African cabbies, waitress didn’t know English, “gin & tonic” was a completely foreign concept.. maybe not quite as tasty as other places but certainly the one I remember best. You can visit Kramerbooks in Dupont and then have a brisk walk east to whet your appetite. Great music in all of them, I doubt you’ll be disappointed in your choice.

    Enjoy DC — (un)fortunately I’ll be in a warmer U.S. dominion with even less national representation that weekend…

  4. tweeted you on this, but you should def meet up with anthology of booty crew while there (well, the other 4/5ths that is) — i bet mothersheister might be at the day b/c of her work with prometheus radio project. anyway, if you manage to meet up, they should take you to selam on u st b/w 15 and 16 — we used to throw parties there and we’re close with the family that runs the place. hopefully beth will be bartending she’ll invite you to some free shots after dinner, and haile will make some delish food regardless. too bad i miss you in dc once again…

  5. oh and i’ve never been impressed by dukem, but zenebech injera is indeed good, as is lalibela, and busca has it right about 9th st of course (hi!). like gavin said, no matter where you go it will be good, at least, and likely it will be quite good to great.

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