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This is an exciting moment for me — WIRE is a magazine I’ve respected for a very long time.

So, here are the basics: I’m on the cover of WIRE Magazine’s November issue, wearing one necklace of bones and the other of skulls, with my underwear showing. Inside you’ll find a long and thoughtful feature written by Peter Shapiro with photography by Jason Nocito.

They say: “Peter Shapiro meets prolific producer Jace Clayton to hear about post-colonial Bass music, The Shining remade in Dubai and Sufi Plug-Ins.”

11 thoughts on “WIRE MAG COVER TIME”

  1. Congrats. Really looking forward to reading the feature – and getting your new album.

  2. Wait, is this Wire or GQ?!

    Congrats on the recognition, this blog is certainly evidence you earned it!

  3. Congrats Jace! Super excited about your announcement on the line-up for Golden Plains 2012. Back to Australia – first time in a long time… seven or eight years?

  4. Think imma have to do a semiotic analysis of that necklace now.


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