Next Monday, September 10th, I’ll be hosting a very special guest on my WFMU radio show: Venus X of Ghe20 Goth1k! Tune in from 8-9pm to hear Venus discuss shaking up NYC’s party scene with the groundbreaking Ghe2o Goth1k parties, her unique DJ/production approach, and — if we’re lucky — what it’s like schooling Shakira on dance music. I would embed this crazy edit Venus did last week, fusing old skool drum&bass to Islamic chanting, but Soundcloud isn’t happy at the moment, so here’s A$AP Rocky’s Peso — featuring a cameo by Venus. Harlem’s finest takin’ over:

And this Monday night’s radio is now streaming! I was (and remain) under the weather and the music reflects that — soft, strange, a bit dreamy:


High Places Ahead Stop Original Colors
Drake Club Paradise (RL Grime Screw)
Barrington Levy The Vibes Is Right (Om Unit edit)
Paavoharju Aurinkotuuleen Ikkunat Näkevät Fonal
Apparat Soft Voices Die The Devil’s Walk
Julius Eastman Evil Nigger Unjust Malaise
AGF & Craig Armstrong For Ever and Ever and Ever Alone Orlando
Tinariwen Imidiwan Ma Tenam Tassili
Chico Ye Colegiala Dub Sonido Matador self released, its a ZIP out there
J.P. N De Royal Force Make U Dance Lone Stars: Hipco and Gbema vol. 1 Akwaaba
Big J Kalaman Lone Stars: Hipco and Gbema vol. 1 Akwaaba
Baobab Baila Mi Gente Afrolatin Via Dakar [V.A] Syllart

3 thoughts on “VENUS X LIVE AND DIRECT”

  1. The Julius Eastman was amazing.
    I was lucky enough, in the mid 70’s, to see a lot of this type of music- there was a great arts center in Seattle (And/Or) which brought people like Meredith Monk, and Charlemagne Palestine to play for audiences of 30 to 50 people.

    I tracked down some of it online after listening to your show, and will be buying the 3 CD set.

    The Mary Jane Leach story of how she tracked down and saved this music, over the course of 12 years, finally resulting in this release, is really inspiring-

    It reminds me conceptually, though not musically, of other “lost” musics- like, for instance, Alfonia Tims and his Flying Tigers, which, after his untimely death in 1982, was completely unavailable except for old copies of a very limited release ROIR cassette for 25 years. Only in the last year or so have torrents started to appear online.

    The internet does seem to be allowing access to some of these things, but very slowly and still not easily.

    On another note, you might be interested in the stuff that Arrington De Dionyso is doing right now in Indonesia.
    His Olympia based band, Malaikat Dan Singa,
    has been playing wild free jazz/rock/uncategorizable extravaganzas for a while, with him singing in Indonesian, which he taught himself phonetically, but now, thanks to Kickstarter, he is over there, jamming with various Indonesian musicians.

    bass clarinet with gamelan-

    rubber band and leaf of grass, and clarinet, with the amazing Wukir Bambu-

    He should be posting vids soon of him playing with an Indonesian version of his band.

  2. Ries — thanks for the great useful info above! the Mary Leach story is indeed incredible.. a friend recommended Julius to me, and I read her tale before I heard his music. Incredible work all around.

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