March tour, various projects, a lot of exciting sounds to soak up. Rupture is me, Nettle is five of us. The Ex is four people who perform with one brain-body and when it hits, as it always does, it’s incredible – a truly astonishing band to experience live. Malian singer Khaira Arby is Ali Farka Toure’s cousin but breathtaking in her own right. Nguzunguzu are so nice you’ll want to move to L.A. to hang out with them and Total Freedom and work on the practical implications of utopia. Morocco is where I go instead of SXSW.


[photo by Jason Nocito, for The Fader]


Sat March 5 – Nettle. Brooklyn The Bell House. w/ Khaira Arby + Sway Machinery

Wed March 9 – DJ Rupture, The Ex. Brooklyn Rock Shop

Thu March 10 – Nettle. Brooklyn Zebulon. w/ Lamin Fofana. *free*

Fri March 11 – DJ Rupture. Brooklyn. The Cove. w/ Nguzunguzu, Maga Bo, Matt Shadetek, Chief Boima. *free*

Sat March 12 – DJ Rupture, The Ex. Washington D.C. The Black Cat

Sun March 13 – DJ Rupture, The Ex. Philadelphia First Unitarian Church


and on the 14th I fly to Morocco, joining Marjana for preliminary Beyond Digital fieldwork in Rabat, Casablanca, and Marrakesh!

I strongly recommend you check out The Ex.


7 thoughts on “RUPTURE MARCH TOUR”

  1. For some reason, I *guaranteed* a friend that you were the surprise act at the WFMU showcase at SXSW. Alas!

  2. FUK YESSSSSSSSSS! BeASTly! uhm…, god!best lineup for a run these eyes have ever had the pleasure of reading. you know its gonna b killer when just the words “march tour”….woah. MARCH!

  3. no olvide por preguntar a Andy moor para el Cd ” Dubversive” de I.R
    una copia fue puesta en sus manos después de su concierto en la universidad del A…. en febrero apenas él podría darle lo personalmente.disfrutar!

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