Nettle is a band I started in Barcelona which knows nothing if not change. This spring we will release an album — a soundtrack to a remake of The Shining, set in Dubai — on a label I’ve admired for awhile. (details soon…)

This Thursday we’re playing a free show at Zebulon in Williamsburg. It’s an intimate space where you can come get close to our strange music. There will be a little bit of singing and 100% no guitars. We use old instruments made from trees (Lindsay’s violin, Brent’s cello, Bill’s bendir frames), and homebrew digital tools (Sufi plug-ins, #mudd) and if you like to listen then this is your night. Icing on the cake: Lamin Fofana will DJ throughout the evening.

2 thoughts on “NETTLE AT ZEBULON”

  1. Yo DJ/Rupture, huge fan of your music, your show, and this site. I’m working on a project you might be interested in–it’s called Raw Music International, a TV show about underground music scenes in forgotten parts of the world.

    I’m making the pilot episode in Kisumu, Kenya now. My site has lots of video and audio and the kind of cultural mashups you seem to be all about. Check it here ( and if you dig, please spread the word to your readers and fans. Would love to share this music with more people! Here’s a sample vid:


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