Earlier this year I tweeted: New Africa Proverb #137: It takes a village to make a crazed Auto-Tune fieldwork docu-art project. Well, I wasn’t kidding.

I’m teaming up with Maga Bo, Fader magazine photo editor John Francis Peters, and Taliesen Gilkes-Bower to explore musical innovation in Morocco via collaboration, teaching, documentation, and digital storytelling. It’s a monthlong art project, going down in & around Marrakesh this June.

Our focus? How creative adaptations of global digital technologies in Morocco — such as Auto-Tune use in Berber folk music — are helping to transform youth culture and suggesting powerful alternatives to Western concepts of digital literacy. To learn more & help out :
Beyond Digital: Morocco


  1. Jace- this sounds like a fantastic project. I hope I can contribute some
    smalllll $ to it via the KickStart page. Also, I am assuming that Lamin will hold down the WFMU Mudd Up slot in your temporary absence. He killed in Jeff Sarge’s spot for past 5 or so weeks. Let the boy rock and roll….
    Keith Marshall

  2. If I can find a fast-enough internet connection we’ll do live remote broadcasts from Marrakesh! but AGREED, Lamin’s fill-in session was amazing. Here’s to hoping he does a show in WFMU’s next season!

  3. yo man
    i sent you an email about this. i’m running a similar project, making a tv show about the most underground music in different countries. just got back from western kenya, which was insane. check it out, great music, but unfortunately no autotune. they use fruity loops to make all the beats….

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