Radio from last Monday, Memorial Day in the States. Block by block, we make a wall. Take the wall to a hole, push it over, use the wall as a bridge to get to the other side. The other side of what? If you turn it up loud enough, we don’t have to listen.

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Gil Scott-Heron Paint It Black Small Talk at 125th & Lennox Flying Dutchman/RCA
Oval Shed Thrill Jockey
Gil Scott-Heron The Revolution Will Not be Televised Small Talk at 125th & Lennox Flying Dutchman/RCA
The Eternals Silhouette Rawar Style Aesthetics
Gang Gang Dance MindKilla Eye Contact 4AD
Chief Boima African in New York (intro) African in New York Dutty Artz EXCLUSIVE
Sorry Bamba Astan Kelly Volume One: 1970-1979 Thrill Jockey
Banana Clipz Danze Street Makossa African in New York Dutty Artz EXCLOOSIF
El Nosotros Mar Sexo y Sol Bersa Discos #7 Bersa Discos
Mark Fell Acids in the… razor experiment
Liborio Reyes Emblama Sabanero (rebajada_ Cumbias Mamalonas 2 un saludo a Marquillos Colombia en Monterrey
Gil Scott-Heron Whitey on the Moon Small Talk at 125th & Lennox Flying Dutchman/RCA
Bonjay Stumble feat. Natalie Storm (Passa Passa remix) BRAND NU TO-JA CONNECT
Bok Bok Charisma Theme Night Slugs #10 Night Slugs
Mark Fell Materialisation Epic Razor Chord and LatelyBass version with found voice Manitutshu Editions Mego
Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX Running We’re New Here XL
L’orchestre Kanaga De Mopti Gambari Kanaga de Mopti Kindred Spirits

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