[WFMU iPhone app v2.0.; watermelon bullet design by me & Slang]

first off: I own a red Google umbrella (no idea where I got it from!), I built a hackintosh once (which runs great), I’ve been a Windows guy 4 life (that’s not saying much, I know), and although I use an iPhone, it’s a secondhand 1st generation jailbroken with quasi-legal software, running on a carrier who is not AT&T.

I don’t really like computers; I prefer burnable books and breakable records and long romantic walks (with hot infovores) through pickpocket-infested bootleg markets where you can buy food, clothing, typewriters, imitation solar panels, freshly squeezed orange juice, and video CD-rs containing fake documentaries on how to raise llamas. For real.


But you’re reading this online, which means that you too exist at least partially as a style-stream of fluctuating zeros and ones… so, disclaimers aside, let’s get supple:

WFMU, the most deliciously independent radio station in the world, just unveiled version 2.0 of it’s iPhone app. And it’s great! Direct iTunes link. Android version coming soon. In addition to realtime streaming, 2.0 allows you to listen to archives and podcasts, and for ‘accuplaylisted’ shows like (most of) mine, you can browse playlist and skip directly to specific tracks. There’s a bunch of other features too.

Cherry on the cake: WFMU is a real, FCC-approved, monoculture-resistant FM station with absolutely no advertising or corporate sponsorship. As you might expect, freedom sounds weird sometimes. Just the way we like it.

2 thoughts on “WFMU IPHONE APP”

  1. This is fantastic news! And you’re personal ad description is the greatest thing I’ve ever read in my life. Well done.

  2. Hi Jace, I am Veronica from Mexico city, now I am in Barcelona so I wonder if you are coming the next months????
    😀 i HOPE YOU DO

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