You are stuck on a beautiful island off the coast of Gotenburg, Sweden. With two of your favorite pirates/tunnelers. The ferry is not hourly. The sun starts falling. A cold wind begins to blow. Time to talk about DJ Screw, cumbias rebajadas, and the coming slow internet… Time to slow down, mmkay?


[Geraldine and I, stuck on Knarrholmen, turning into alphabets]

As Magnus & Geraldine explain in the audio below: “In the future, the only good internet will be slow internet, because the fast internet will be all censored, Googleized [laughter] So your downloads will be slow again, its not this instant gratification.. so you start desiring things again..” Implications thereof. Sleep. Download parties. New desires. Cooking. Expectations. Attention surplus!

THUS, here’s a podcast, in which the above quote can be heard, in which I discuss slow music from Mexico and Texas & Kirsten Dunst getting thrown out the club.

In this Next level zefcast, Magnus and Geraldine have some fun with the chaospad and feature chats with members of the Wikicong and the Tikicong at the opening party of Den Hemliga Trädgården in Stockholm, plus a conversation in the west coast with Jace Clayton aka Dj Rupture about slow cumbia or cumbia rebajadas and screw rap, during an accidental 4 hour stay in Knarrholmen.


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