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[photo by Douglas Friedman,]

Combine all these things together — and we get a free solar-powered live broadcast of Mudd Up! from the sublime High Line reclaimed park space in Chelsea, NYC, on Memorial Day May 31st! I’m cutting short a trip to Mexico to make it back in time for this one folks… You are strongly encouraged to come by. Think: dance. Think: picnic. We’ll have a soundsystem set up, although it could be interesting to bring boomboxes and distribute the broadcast along the High Line’s length. hmmmmm.

Here’s the official blurb. My section will go from 7-8pm, then Trent will take over for another 2 hours.

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Solar-Powered Broadcast from the High Line
Monday, May 31st, 7pm – 8pm
on WFMU’s Mudd Up! with DJ/Rupture. WFMU, 91.1fm
DJ /Rupture and DJ Trent team up to bring you a solar-powered broadcast from The High Line, the most beautiful public space in New York: disused elevated railroad tracks that rise above the meatpacking district transformed into magnificent viewing platforms for the greatest city in the world, Jersey City, and its close cousin Manhattan. Join the fun in person – for free! – on the High Line under the Standard Hotel between 12th and 13th Streets (map). Powered by the sun with the help of Solar 1.


  1. This has the potential for a interesting broadcast. So, no boom boxes, but my ear buds are loud. But what about beer? Is it allowed? Food?
    Picnic? Allowed? or only “on-site” vendors? Maybe the potential energy has dropped…..

  2. since there is no playlist for this broadcast on wfmu’s website, would love to know the artist and name of the track that preceded skee-lo’s i wish.

    ps. i’m the guy that took photos of you and andy moor after that gig at maxwell’s. was great to hear him on your show as well. cheers!

  3. got the same question as konstantin. what track was that?

    p.s. I’m not a dude you’ve ever met, just a huge fan of the show. mudd UP!

  4. oh, i think that was Trent! i dont start playing until after I come on the mic around 17minutes into it. Trent’s show is called Sound and Safe.

  5. ‘awesome, boobies, much appreciated,’ whispers a playlist. Safe Mudd guys. Just be safe, when handling mudd.

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