Tomorrow begins Postopolis DF here in Mexico City, and after the daytime presentations, you can catch me as DJ /rupture, “el indiscutible campeon del clash sonoro mundial”, twice under the auspices of Postopolis, and twice in a rolling deep Dutty Artz formation. Four gigs in five daze – Mexico City No Sleep / all your tacos are belong 2 us. Here we go:

Martes 8 de Junio 8 @ the Postopolis Opening party at Club Social Rhodesia. DJ Rupture, Wayne & Wax, 8106, Noiselab DJs.


Jueves 10 de Junio @ terraza Centro Cultural de Espana (entrada gratis, come early). DJ Rupture, Wayne & Wax, Ximbo.

[no real flyer for this one, the place will ram up regardless, this is my 3rd time at CCE!]


then begins the Dutty Artz Micro Mexico Tour

Viernes 11 de Junio. In Toluca, outside of D.F. @ Foro Metepec. DJ Rupture, Taliesen, Wayne & Wax, DJ N-Ron, Sonido San Franisco.


and the gran finale, back in DF @ Mexinaco. DJ Rupture, Taliesen, Wayne & Wax, DJ N-Ron, Sonido San Franisco, Nimbo DJs.

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  1. Excelente, just before the Centro Cultural España gig, we (Discos Konfort) will be having a conference about our experience as an independent record label in Mexico, so really come early! We start about 7pm!

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