[Richard A. Ingram, Consolamentum cover art, White Box 2010]

More late night music, from a fantastic debut album by Richard A. Ingram, Consolamentum. Don’t sleep! Guitar, mood, tape-pause edits, jagged warm panes of solitude disguised as darkness with enough space between them to allow for shafts of light. Plus some extra-textual pleasures: googling the track title or album name reveals a gnostic rabbithole. #Cathars

Also I feel like fans of “witch-house” or “drag” or “hushtunes” or “Salem’s expensive publicist, Biz 3” are just one or two clicks away from a vast world of mind-melting ambience/weirdness such as Consolamentum. But I checked – Hype Machine lists dozens of MP3 blog posts for oOoOO and 0 for Mr Ingram. Well now there’s one.

[audio:Richard A Ingram – The Melioramentum.mp3]

Richard A. Ingram – The Melioramentum (buyable)

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Ingram put together a podcast using actual vinyl discs for a pleasant-seeming Italian website that, uncharitably, forces you to jump through registration hoops and hand over your email address before you can download it. I jumped through their annoying hoops so you don’t have to.

Richard explains his selection: “It’s a rather sombre collection but does end on an upbeat note with a rather worn out copy of one the best songs ever written. (Well, it’s as upbeat as a song about doomed lovers on the moors can be anyway).” This podcast is strong (although I have to fast-fwd thru the Satie, how can anyone not have Gymnopodie burnout these days?) but his Consolamentum, has been a real standout for me this year. It makes for great, rewarding listening at a whole variety of volume levels.

Richard A. Ingram podcast (original post)


1. Vangelis – Soil Festivities Movement 4
2. Sylvain Chauveau – Et Peu á Peu les flots Respiraient comme on Pleure
3. Satie (orch-Debussy) – Gymnopodie No.1
4. Tomita – Clare de Lune
5. Koen Holtkamp – Walker
6. Jacaszek – Zal
7. Helios – Shoulder to Hand
8. Vangelis – Memories of Green
9. Balmorhea – Night Squall/On The Weight of Night
10. Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights

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  1. is there heroin involved in the backstory? because if there isn’t, I’m not interested.

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