On the radio tonight: special guest from Oakland – Larisa Mann AKA DJ Ripley! She’ll start by sharing some Jamaican ‘answer tunes’ which flow into a larger discussion of music as a dynamic social practice (and not simply a collection of objects/recordings). As a legal scholar and formidable DJ, we couldn’t ask for a better person to come in and touch on everything from the social implications of intellectual property laws to, as she put it in our email exchange:

“the many ways that physical property, access to and control of material spaces, are still a prerequisite for music to happen – from control of servers that host files, to temporary or permanent control of streets and warehouses, zoning, etc., to the problem of providing bass, which still requires physically bigger systems than other kinds of sounds..”

In other words: expect heavy tunes and insightful talk tonight, 7-8pm EST, WFMU. For warm-up, Larisa offers a selection of mixes on her blog, like this recent live set.

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  1. always excited to hear new anything ripley related, one of the best djs and people out there, thanks for getting her on the radio!

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