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This Saturday, July 31st, I’ll be closing out the Wooly Fair in Providence, Rhode Island with a midnight set. They call it a “Providence-born DIY art carnival”, and it looks to be a very fun time. Creative grassroots events which aren’t necessarily focused on music are often the best places to DJ. Wooly Fair runs from 1 in the afternoon to 1am.

Lately I’ve been squeezing more Arabic moments into my sets. Here’s a clubby/rootsy gasbah flute track from Algeria:


Kamel Nemri – Lemrabta (from 2 CD Maghreb Dance Party)

and a re-up of a great clattering Tunisian beat workout (nobody commented on the original post. sigh.)


Ramzi – Cocktail Tounsi (Maghreb Dance Party)

The image below is a drawing of a temporary/permanent/growing installation, centerpiece of this year’s Wooly Fair. It’s “the Flower Tower, a pyramid of container gardens that will be distributed after the July 31st event to hospitals, schools, and other organizations.”



  1. Jayce,
    Props for the shoutout. We’re looking forward to a real banger on Saturday. We’ll have two mobile DJ karts roaming the site as well. And we had good times with Jahdan at Providence Sound Sessions last week.
    See you tomorrow.

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