first up, today is a Very Special Edition of Mudd Up! Radio on WFMU, because I’ll be going from 6-8pm. It’s always nice to do a double shift (two hours instead of my usual action-packed 60minutes). Tune in early!

then get ready for the following week:


DAS RACIST! We’ll be broadcasting live from the combination Pi… I mean, Das Racist are rising rap stars, post-meta, consisently awesome, endlessly quotable, and “super credible.” Their 2010 output of next-level mixtapes, videos, and video games is simply astonishing. So – mark yr calendars and alert yr Social Networks: next Monday, October 18th, I catch up with Das Racist to talk about Ford trucks, apple pie, and bald eagles!

If you haven’t heard Sit Down Man then remedy that. Here are 2 jams from it:

[audio: fashion party (with chairlift) (produced by chairlift).mp3]

Das Racist – Fashion Party

& this song is crazy, for a great many reasons

[audio: return to innocence (produced by dash speaks).mp3]

Das Racist – Return To Innocence


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