An Eid al-Fitr inspired post of songs from Yemen, Morocco, Algeria, and Spain. Yesterday I made the mistake of walking by the World Trade Center site – the crazies were already out! Already basking in media attention. Anyhow, music remains a gift and refuge:

first song comes from the dry but quintessential 17 CD box set, The Music of Islam. This is from vol. 11: Yemen


[audio:Various Artists – Taba’an Liqa (It Was Nice to Meet You).mp3]
VA – Taba’an Liqa (It Was Nice to Meet You)


next, some recent Moroccan chaabi. Got this last January in Barcelona; the guy burned me a CD-r of tunes sans meta-data… It’s a stormer though! Performed live, crowd cheers included:


Mudd Unknown – Moroccan chaabi excerpt


now let’s turn to Juan Peña Lebrijano y Orquesta Andalusí de Tanger’s album Encuentros. In which the old school Flamenco don goes progressive with vocals in Spanish and Arabic and a backing band from Tangier. A major work here in Muddlandia! Highly recommended.


[audio:JuanPenaLebrijano_y_OrquestaAndalusi_de_Tanger- Desafio.mp3]

Juan Peña Lebrijano y Orquesta Andalusí de Tanger – Desafío


last but not least, some Algerian jams from bootleg CD Style Arouri vol. 2, a compilation which will boost your tolerance for synthesizer trumpets:


[Cheba Fati]

[audio:Cheba Fati – Walla Laouayydou.mp3]

Cheba Fati – Walla Laouayydou

[audio:Cheb Samir – Amhabletni.mp3]

Cheb Samir – Amhabletni

…for weirder Eid-related activity, Visual Aid’s Eid thingy

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  1. Jace, the Lebrijano/Andalusi is one of my all-time favorite records. One of my treasured Amoeba finds.

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