Everything is happening too quickly. We gotta slow down.


[Turtle at zoo in Czech Republic, wikipedia]

I hit the cumbia rebajada motherlode in MX. slow & low, downpitched sublime. Cumbias rebajadas are slowed down cumbias that you can buy on the street in the right towns. Time gone viscous. Here’s a dark one, really stellar this. I twittered it yesterday:


Parranderos de Colombia – Cumbia Serrana (rebajada)

and here’s a deep one.. about Arizona:

[audio:Super Grupo Colombia – Cumbia Arizona.mp3]

Super Grupo Colombia – Cumbia Arizona (rebajada)

I can’t believe it’s July already. This is shocking. Everything is happening too quickly. I’m gonna go for a walk outside and when I come back it’s going to be 2015. Wait…

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  1. these are both fantastic, thanks man.
    Parranderos de Colombia in particular has such a humid, bangin feel to it.

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